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Goffstown, NH

24 Hour New Hampshire Septic Emergency Services

Septic Tank Cleaning

St. Onge Septic Tank Service has been pumping residential and commercial properties since 1972. During a routine pumping we check out the tank for any problems such as, build-up, missing baffles, clogged filters, sagging or broken pipes. We take the time to be professional, clean and informative. We pride ourselves in the ability to leave your property looking as if we were never there. Our technicians are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to accommodate our customers in case of an emergency. Don’t know where your septic tank is? We have an electronic transmitter that will locate it for us.

Septic System Inspection

Before purchasing a pre-owned home we recommend having a septic inspection. St. Onge Septic Tank Service wants you to have as much knowledge of your septic system as possible. Our inspectors have over 30 years of knowledge to provide you with a complete and fair assessment of your system. We will take the time to do a complete and professional evaluation and give you a thorough explanation of how to properly care for and extend the life of your system. Septic inspection reports are hand written on site for your convenience.

Design and Installation

Here at St.Onge Septic 2 of our owners are New Hampshire state licensed septic designer/installers. These technicians are fully qualified to take you through the process of septic design and installation from start to finish whether it is a replacement of your existing system or a brand new septic system. All applications and permits are submitted by our company according to all state and local guidelines. All work performed by St.Onge Septic is fully warranted. You can rest assured that the job will be completed in a professional and timely manner.


St. Onge Septic Tank Service focuses greatly on septic tank repairs, as it is our job to keep your system as healthy and as efficient as possible. We have solved septic issues over the years including: Broken baffles, distribution box replacement, broken cover, pipes, sealing tanks, replacing pumps, repairing pump stations, power snaking lines and thawing frozen pipes during those dreaded New Hampshire winters.

Cover extensions

Septic tank extensions are recommended on tanks that are 12 or more inches deep. They are essentially a sleeve installed over the septic tank cover to bring access closer to ground level. The covers are green to blend in with the lawn or can be placed just below grade. There are several benefits of a cover extension such as, less landscape disturbance, easy to locate tank cover, easy access especially after the New Hampshire frost sets in for the winter. Usually at the time of pumping a technician will evaluate the need for a cover extension. At that time he will also quote a price, which is determined by the depth of your septic tank.

Pump station service, repairs and maintenance

St. Onge Septic specializes in pump station maintenance and repairs of any size from residential to commercial. We can handle any job whether it is a simple float switch replacement to a complete replacement of pump and wiring. We service many pump stations for schools, municipalities, co-op owned developments, campgrounds, and commercial buildings as well as residentially owned homes.